Integration Checklist

Guide for building your online payments integration with SeerBit
Follow the checklist below to ensure a complete implementation into SeerBit

Create a Test Account

  1. Create your Account
    Refer to the SeerBit Getting Started Guide to set up your account.
  2. API Credentials
    Retrieve your test API credentials to initiate test transactions
  3. Request additional test payment methods
    ‍‍Add the payment methods you are interested in offering for your shoppers. Some payment methods might require you to perform Live transactions.

Make a Payment

The core of your SeerBit integration is being able to make payments and handle their subsequent states.
  1. Make a payment
    Make a successful payment with any of our Online Payment Integrations.
  2. Refund a payment
    It is important to handle situations where you may need to cancel or refund a payment
  3. Integrate additional payment methods
    Add additional Payment Methods to your account for your shoppers countries. It is also important you can handle the different Status Codes, such as pending, which is more common for local payment methods


SeerBit uses webhooks to inform your system on payment statuses, results of actions such as refunds, receiving the payment result of some local payment methods, and other events.
  1. Expose an endpoint to handle webhooks events
    You need to expose an endpoint in your system to be able to receive our webhooks events.
  2. Configure the webhooks to send to your endpoint
    Login to your merchant dashboard in order to set the endpoint of your webhook handler
  3. Receive and accept a webhook event
    Successfully handle and process our different types of  webhook event code

Going Live

To accept payments from your customers,  Your business needs to have been approved. Complete your onboarding process and KYC document upload.
If your application for a live account is approved, follow our go-live checklist to start accepting live payments.
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