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Seerbit is a secured gateway for every payment need in the market space. The Seerbit API helps you create your own payments flow from e-commerce to recurring payments, payouts and everything in between.

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Developer Tools
Get up and running with libraries, keys and integration tools.
Get up and running with libraries, keys and integration tools.
Activate, manage and configure your account
Online Payments
Accept one-time or recurring payments on any channel with our API
Connect your existing commerce systems to our platform
Accept payments on your platform or marketplace
In-Person Payments
Accelerate your in-store payments with our terminals and its API

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Accept Payments
Collect Payments from cards, direct debits, transfers and mobile money
Business Pocket
Create virtual wallets for your customers and payment operations
Recurring and subscription payments
Advance and automate how you collect payments from your customers.
Payment Links
Collect payments without codes

Explore Products

What's new in the docs?

Aug 28, 2022
SeerBit Virtual Account
This api allows you create virtual accounts for your businesses to receive payments
Aug 28, 2022
Bulk Charge
The bulk charge api allows you create, manage and charge multiple card tokens.
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Popularly Asked

How do I make API calls on SeerBit
SeerBit has a rich and clearly documented API. Every API call must follow the authentication policies, which requires you to send a Bearer token in the header of every request. Every response from our APIs returns a JSON formatted body
Integrating Card Payments
We strongly discourage passing card information directly to the API to avoid transmitting card data through systems that are not PCI compliant. If you are PCI-DSS certified and would like to be able to send cardholder information directly to our APIs from your servers, reach out to us!
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