Pre-Authorized Payments
This payment option allows you to collect payments in two steps, which are Authorisation and Capture
For basic and popular payments flows, a transaction is authorized and then completed or captured at the point of payment. For instance - a customer presents their card, inputs their PIN and the merchant receives the value. But in some scenarios, you may want to receive card details and capture payment at a later date. In this instance, a customer presents their credit card, but payment is not yet captured, until a later date.
This feature is available only on request. Please reach out to [email protected] to request for Pre-Authorized Payments

Use Case

Hotels are one of the primary industries where pre-authorized payments are commonly used. Pre-authorized payments for hotels enable funds to be held at the booking stage or during check in. This helps to guarantee that, when the time to check out from the hotel comes, there are funds available to cover additional charges incurred during the guest’s stay. Room service, spa visits, or damage to the room can be covered by these reserved funds. By placing a hold on extra funds, hotel managers can rest assured that a guest cannot leave without paying.
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