Accept Payment
Read about how to integrate with seerBit below
Accept payments on your website or mobile applications with seerBit using our multiple payment methods.

Simple Checkout

Simple Checkout is our simplest integration method and requires little technical knowledge. SeerBit inline code is a smart payment form that works seamlessly across devices and is designed to increase your conversion rate. It supports all the payment methods you get with the checkout standard integration.

Standard Checkout

SeerBit Checkout Standard Initialises a transaction from merchants server to generate a payment link which redirects your customers to a page to make payment and after payment has been made the customer is redirected back to the merchants website.


Our Software Development Kits remove the need to handle sensitive data by enabling you to process payments and transactions in the same secure way as Simple Checkout and Standard Checkout.

E-commerce plugins

Get up and running quickly, processing online payments with an e-commerce plugin.


To make API calls on SeerBit, you’ll have to pass a Bearer Token To generate a token you simply
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    Pass your public key and secret key.
  3. 3.
    You'll be authenticated and receive a token to process further API calls.
Authentication Format
Authorization: Bearer {token}
If you are not sure which integration method suites your business. contact our support team at [email protected]