Test and go live
Before you can start accepting payments, test your integration
Sign up for your test account, then use the information in this section to try out your integration before going live.

Test Transactions

Note all transactions carried out during test are just test transactions and no real money will be debited from your account.

Test Keys

Always use your public key when testing your integration, You can find your test keys on your merchant account settings page.

Test Cards and Banks

Use our test cards and banks to carry out test transactions on your account.

Go Live Request

Once you are done with testing and satified with your integration, You can switch the Go live toggle if you have completed your account setup. Read more about How to go Live here
Your API key will change when you switch from test to live. Make sure that you also switch to the live API keys in your integration

Can we help?

Thank you for choosing SeerBit. If you need help or have a question, message our Support team at [email protected]
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